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Bob Dylan, England 1966 Aust Ferry

"11 May, waiting at the Aust Ferry Terminal near Bristol to go to Cardiff in Wales. They chose this shot for the cover of Scorsese’s No Direction Home CD and DVD. It’s one that Bob likes as it told it all. It has depth, he looked cool. I guess he felt it represented the moment to him. Just waiting for the ferry and it turned out to be a good picture." -- Barry Feinstein 


Bob Dylan, England 1966 Fans Looking in Limo

Barry Feinstein was the official photographer for several of Dylan's tours and, as a result, the two spent a great deal of time together, developing a close bond. Dylan has a reputation in the music world for being a very private person, but he trusted Feinstein and was comfortable in front of his camera. Here, we get a glimpse into the fishbowl-like experience of Dylan's fame, as he tries to keep his cool as fans literally press their faces up against the window. 


Steve McQueen, Bullitt, 1968 Burnout

This photo was taken during the filming of Bullitt in San Francisco California, 1968. Photographer Barry Feinstein was a friend of McQueen's and the set photographer for the film. 


Steve McQueen, Le Mans Reflection


George Harrison, England, 1970 "All Things Must Pass"

Barry Feinstein's cover shot for George Harrison's 1970 album, "All Things Must Pass". Because legendary photographer Barry Feinstein was there. When a truckload of gnomes were returned to George Harrison's estate, Feinstein found a fortuitous moment which became the album cover for All Things Must Pass.  


Janis Joplin, California, 1970 "Pearl"

Janis Joplin, "Pearl" album cover, Hollywood, California, 1970